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    This song communicates how it feels to be set apart, living in this world of sin & darkness... how it feels to be misunderstood because of the changes you've made and how it feels to be rejected for the sake of obedience to the Most High & following in the footsteps of Messiah...
    And it's OK...
    This song goes out to all my Strangers who can relate.

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~Psalm 119:19
I am a stranger in the earth: hide not thy commandments from me.

~1 Peter 2:9
But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light;


They don’t understand me
They think I’m depressed
If they only knew I was feeling my best
Maybe it’s that I’m brand new, no longer impressed
With being fresh to death and fashionably dressed
I could care less about worldly success
My only concern is for who’s got next
Not worried about the rest, those who claim to be the best
I gladly say no so I can hear Him say, “YES”
They don’t understand me
They got me confused
I started to explain but I don’t wanna be rude
Don’t try to read my brain, you might get it misconstrued
It’s kinda like what happens when you tend to assume

I’m a stranger
Stranger in this earth
Don’t like what I see
It’s not supposed to be
I’m a stranger
Been a stranger since birth
AHAYAH please don’t hide your face from me

(If you’re a stranger…)
(Say Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh… Say Oh-oh-oh-oh)

I’m an alien, I keep tellin 'em
This world is filled with shenanigans
They sellin us fake bananas hon'
Monsanto & GMO rampant
But I’m the crazy one?
Don’t be crazy dumb
What they claim is fun was made to make us numb
To the fate that comes, the lakes awaiting some
It’s late in the game
Satan is blatant… WAKE UP!
What you aint know that he aint playing fair?
Angels of light make you think they care
Yeah, that’s the type you need to be aware
Righteous and white, it’s kinda rare
So if you’re different it’s a good thang
Nothing more precious than a good name
Stay within the lines, it’s a good frame
Swerving over here in the good lane being strange (Repeat x2)


This song goes out to all my Strangers....


released August 12, 2015
Lyrics, Vocals, Rap & Production: Ahmawan Wa Chaakamah



all rights reserved


Ahmawan Wa Chaakamah Babylon, New York

Ahmawan Wa Chaakamah (Faith & Wisdom) is a servant of the Most High, who happens to be a gifted singer, songwriter, producer & floacist.... Her sound: a blend of gospel, classical, jazz, hip-hop, neo-soul, R&B and rock... Her mission: to communicate the oracles of the Most High Power of Israel & to prophecy OBEDIENCE & REPENTANCE to the Lost Sheep and edify the Body of Christ to endure to the end. ... more

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