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    "Seasons Change" resonates with the Believer and Unbeliever alike... The transformation & renewal of the mind (Romans 12:2) is perfectly depicted by the changing of seasons... With sunshine and rain comes joy and pain... For every season has a divine reason and purpose... And "just like the leaves", at some point we ALL are confronted with a divinely arranged time to CHANGE... A time to examine ourselves and ponder whom it is we are really serving... The time has come to REPENT and surrender to The Father, the Author & Creator of ALL things...
    AHAYAH REIGNS!! ... Shalawam

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~Romans 12:2... ~Ecclesiastes 3:1... ~Matthew 3:2


Transformed, renewal of mind
Can’t stay the same way all the time
And suddenly… something’s tugging inside
You’ve got a feeling
That there’s more to life
Dislike the bed you made, you crawl out
Despite the mess you’re saying, “What’s this all about?”
It’s like a whisper gently screaming out loud
And it’s telling you, to go on and throw in the towel
What am I gonna do?
How is this gonna go?
When is it gonna happen?
Think I need to know?
What if it doesn’t work?
What if I go berserk?
Feel like I’m going crazy
Father come and save me

And just like the leaves our seasons change
Surrender your life AHAYAH reigns
The time is divinely being arranged
Don’t be afraid… Seasons change
Nothing remains the same… Seasons change

It’s amazing if you seek what you shall find
Sucks to think you’re 20/20 but really blind
30 years in church being jerked the whole time
Freedom of mind, peep the lies
Lemme testify
How blessed am I?... It’s best if I specify
Born again, again… when I was left to die
Cried tears inside, questions like
Who am I?...
Tryin’ to rectify the missing pieces to the recipe
And all I know is I was going through the motions
Eyes wide open, but I still didn’t know
And all I did was cry out the my Ahba
Our Father show me which way I need to go
It’s hard to believe that it’s fiction, there’s parts missing
Hard not to spot the bait, once you start fishin’
There’s friction w/ change, but you can’t dismiss it
Once the chain’s been lifted
Time to do something with it… DIFFERENT


All He’s asking you is to turn and walk away
All you have to do is turn and walk away

Seasons Change… Seasons Change

Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand
Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand



released August 12, 2015
Lyrics, Vocals, Rap & Production: Ahmawan Wa Chaakamah



all rights reserved


Ahmawan Wa Chaakamah Babylon, New York

Ahmawan Wa Chaakamah (Faith & Wisdom) is a servant of the Most High, who happens to be a gifted singer, songwriter, producer & floacist.... Her sound: a blend of gospel, classical, jazz, hip-hop, neo-soul, R&B and rock... Her mission: to communicate the oracles of the Most High Power of Israel & to prophecy OBEDIENCE & REPENTANCE to the Lost Sheep and edify the Body of Christ to endure to the end. ... more

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